7 September 2011

Anything but Ordinary

Inspired by music and street culture, Imogene Barron has a unique ability to mix high-end street wear with vintage glamour, creating a signature style that is recognisably her and screams of understated cool. This coveted Sydney stylist has contributed to RUSSH, KAREN and Grazia UK and worked as the Fashion Director for Yen, Dazed & Confused Australia and currently Oyster, while also sporadically publishing her own cult experimental magazine, LOVEWANT. However, despite this illustrious career portfolio Imogene maintains a reputation for being distinctly anti-fashion.

Imogene’s effortless style and innovative, creative approach, results in a unique, low-fi, gritty aesthetic that is evident in all of her work. Her extreme talent has the ability to re-work and mould the entire look of a magazine, shaping and changing its creative direction, (case in point, Oyster).

Her aspiring images and distinct direction is a breath of fresh air in today’s overly saturated editorial market. Imogene has the ability to think outside the stock standard look, instead creating eclectic, undone images that leave you wanting more. Her flawless styling and oh my god moments create an ideal that picture perfect isn’t always pretty, nor should it have to be, it’s grudge meets tailored, with the occasional mickey mouse jumper and without a doubt it’s always magnificent!
“Music and street culture are a huge influence on my work; I find them constantly inspiring. It doesn’t date like fashion does and I would hate to push an expiry date on the magazine. These days, print has become something you want to treasure and keep forever.”- Imogene Barron
Imogene Barron is anything by ordinary and thank god for that! 
        “The Imagination is not that small, so let it go wild I say!”- Imogene Barron

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