29 September 2011

Smokingly Chic: Fashion and Cigarettes

            Is it just me or do fashion and cigarettes somehow work magic together? Now I am by no means promoting the act of smoking, believe me I’ve seen the advertisements and read the health warnings, but I can’t help notice and appreciate that a cigarette plus a fashion shoot equals instant cool.
            The eerie atmosphere that the smoke creates while curling and intertwining through the air, the attitude conveyed through a model staring intensely down the camera under her hooded eyes, cigarette ever so perfect position in-between her teeth, it seems that in fashion, nicotine can do no wrong.
            The art of editorial smoking has the ability to cause controversy, à la Kate Moss at the Paris Fashion Week Louis Vuitton show, but in doing so it adds an extra somethin’ somethin’. It’s that edge, that allure, that I don’t give a f**k attitude, combined with the glamour, the couture and the status, and it works time and time again!

Fashion and smoking; two peas in a delirious, but fabulous, pod…

1 comment:

  1. i'm in fuckin love with those photos! I think that beautiful girls look amazing with cigarettes. I feel great front of the lens when i smoke. It looks sexy and rude.