9 September 2011

The Never Ending Journey

From a dusty old train track to a European castle, a secluded Caribbean island to a deserted haunted factory, part of the wonder of editorial shoots is their limitless ability to continually take us on a fashion fuel journey around the globe, stoping off at only the most inspiring, creative and innovative locations along the way.

Editorial photo shoots have the power and ability to transport us into a make believe world, they ignite our imagination and allow us to revel in ideas and concepts that are creatively out of control. The locations of these shoots play a large role in stimulating our fantasies, forcing us to let go of the ordinary and accept the magical scene that is being portrayed.

Whether it is working with and complimenting the fashion, in the case of an island paradise truly capturing and accentuating the bright bold summer fashions or a perfect contradiction, emphasising beautiful couture in a dark eerie warehouse, the set and location of the shoot plays a dominant role in the creation and development of the story. It allows our imagination to run wild and not only be influenced by the fashion, but truly create our own interpretation of the scene, the narrative and the concept the shoot it reflecting.

Photo shoots present us with the ability to be a part of this never ending journey, that frees our inhabitations and allows us to the truly experience creativity in its most innovative sate. Fashion creates and dictates the extraordinary details and we are just along for the ride, so dream, enjoy and stop over analysing.


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