15 September 2011

Sister Act: The Fanning Sensation


It appears that it’s not only US designer, Marc Jacobs, that can’t get enough of these angelic sisters, as Elle and Dakota Fanning grace the covers of high fashion magazines and luxury add campaigns alike, projecting an aura and true celebration of their youth. These innocent, blue-eyed blondes prove there’s more to their fair exterior by rocking it out with some serious attitude for Mr. Jacobs himself.

Dakota’s little sister Elle has erupted onto the scene, impressing us in a similar fashion, with her porcelain perfect skin and deep mysterious eyes. Although they’re both so young, these sisters prove that although they’re tiny they have what it takes to rule not only the film industry, but the fashion world as well.

Hold onto your trilby hats and vintage Marc Jacobs petticoats, the Fanning sisters are here to shake things up.

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