6 October 2011

Alexander McQueen… The one we were waiting for

As I trawled the internet very early yesterday morning in a frenzied panic, determine to get a glance at what the amazing Sarah Burton had created for the legacy that Lee Alexander left behind, I was overcome by a wondrous feeling of ecstasy, (cue: deep satisfying sigh..ahhhhh), this is what fashion is all about, Alexander McQueen’s perfectly flawless, breath-takingly beautiful, beyond imaginably amazing, spring 2012 collection.

“It’s about femininity and womanhood. It wasn’t really meant to be about fetishistic. It’s about embellishment and celebrating women’s beauty,” said Sarah Burton, and wasn’t it ever! The soft pallet of translucent, pearl-esque, hues intertwining, complimenting and subtly contradicting the dramatically elaborate and sometimes hauntingly beautiful masks and headgear. The distinct silhouette, referencing and paying tribute to its creator, with the focus, as always, on the waist, was beautifully counteracted with soft infusions of fluid, floral empire and baby-doll hemlines. Burton's collection was an ethereal outer-worldly escape, infused with extensive detail and precision that delivered elaborate pleating, laser cut leather, intricate volume and chiffon covered pearls arranged in perfect geometry.

The exquisite detail, luxurious fabrics and fragile shimmer of pearl and pastel hues, combined with the perfectly executed lines and shapes made Alexander McQueen, in my opinion, the collection of the season, (followed closely by if not tied with Chanel). The fluidity and femininity of the magnificent designs were instilled with the exact amount of contradicting edge and beautiful ugliness, present in the way of haunting dramatized head pieces, which sometimes threatened to take over and the lingerie inspired black leather, ensuring the legacy and aesthetic of Alexander McQueen’s fallen master remained ever present, ever boundary pushing and ever inspiring.

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