13 October 2011

The Publicist, The Stylist and The Editor

I recently interviewed a young designer and asked her, ‘If she were to host a dinner party, which three people would she invite?’ The reasoning behind my question didn’t really have all that much to do with the dynamics of her imaginary dining room, it was rather a comical way to find out about her idols, icons, inspirations and heroes. As with most interviews, I started to think about what my own answers would be to the questions, and when I came to this one I knew my response almost immediately. These three women have inspired and encouraged me to not only want to succeed, but to actually take control and do something about it. They have unknowingly influenced me, pushed me creatively, challenged me to think beyond the predictable and channel the unexpected. Their career battles and triumphs have encouraged my determination and passion for what I do and where I want to go, they have inspired my creativity and made me realise that if you really want something you go for it 100% and refuse to accept defeat until you reach your goals.
And so if I were host a dinner party, the people at the top of my list would be…
Kelly Cutrone, Rachel Zoe and Franca Sozzani.
The fashion industry is an exclusive, cut-throat, VIP-access-only world, but despite this, these three innovators have created unique niches for themselves as they continue to build and develop their empires, inspiring and encouraging people like me every single day.

“You can fake your way to the table, but ultimately you have to learn how to eat.”- Kelly Cutrone

“Around three years ago, everything began to change. The nature of what, or who, is a celebrity has expanded. We aren't saving lives here, but we are creating images, and images create opportunities in a lot of areas”- Rachel Zoe

“Especially today, images can be printed in such a high quality, but that also flattens them out. There’s a similar problem in fashion, everyone can buy clothes, but unless you look at the label, you don’t know who it’s by. It’s this kind of over saturation that makes me believe we are on the brink of another huge change.”- Franca Sozzani

It is empowering, strong-minded and determined women like these three unstoppable forces that help to paint a some what realistic picture of the fashion industry. It’s not all roses and Louboutins, it’s hard work, sacrifice, unimaginably late nights, a phone that never stops and a pretty serious caffeine addiction, but with this comes the immense satisfaction of making your dreams a reality. Kelly Cutrone, Rachel Zoe and Franca Sozzani, have taught me to understand that it’s not going to happen over night, you have to fight for your dreams and be prepared to give up nearly everything else. They have made me realise that in most cases, nothing is ever really going to go to plan and if something can go wrong, it usually will. Their determination and success have been beyond inspiring for me and their illustrious careers are a major influence in my drive to accomplish my aspirations. These inspiring, amazing women continue to encourage and motivate my creativity and determination each and every day…

N.B. For those of you who are curious, if I were allowed to invite ten people to my fabulous dinner party, the guest list would also include…
-Alexander McQueen
-Grace Coddington
-Karl Lagerfeld
-Edie Sedgwick
-Anna Wintour
-Coco Chanel
-Andy Warhol

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