10 October 2011

Carla Sozzani- The Artistic Innovator...

Carla Sozzani- The Artistic Innovator...
It appears that in the Sozzani blood there runs artistic passion, extreme innovation and absolute creative genius. Carla Sozzani, elder sister to Franca Sozzani, the boundary pushing Editor-in-Chief of high fashion Mecca, Vogue Italia, has been an unstoppable creative force in the fashion, art and photography industries since the late ‘60s early ‘70s. With a creative mind, of course comes a creative posse, and in addition to having the ground breaking Franca as her sister, Carla’s boyfriend, Kris Ruhs, is a jewellery and furniture designer and the amazing Azzedine Alaїa is one of her dear friends and collaborators.

Carla’s illustrious career has seen her appointed as Editor-in-Chief for several Italian fashion magazines, before accepting the responsibility to shape and change the ideals and aesthetic of Vogue Italia, in the role of Editor-in-Chief of all Vogue Italia’s special issues, in the early ‘70s. Carla’s mark on the publishing and fashion worlds didn’t stop there however, in 1986 she was appointed by Alexander Liberman as Editor at Large for American Vogue for Italy and in 1987 she launched Italian Elle as their Editor-in-Chief.

It is Carla’s magnificent work after her reign at countless glossy fashion bibles however, that is most inspiring, interesting and game-changing. In 1990, Carla created Galleria Carla Sozzani at Corso Como 10 in Milan and over the years it has housed over 200 exhibitions of photography, design and art, showcasing the works of industry greats including, Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, Marc Newsom and Robert Polidori. Since its opening, other spaces within 10 Corso Como aligned with the Galleria and the space now encompasses a fashion and design store, an expanded bookstore, a small café restaurant and 3Rooms Hotel. When it opened, 10 Corso Como was one of the first stores to combine an international selection of fashion, art, books, music and home design under one roof, posing the idea that collaboration and integration were the way to move successfully forward.

Never stagnant, the 10 Corso Como brand, is continually developing, and Carla has since collaborated with Azzedine Alaїa on the 3Rooms hotel in Paris, with Comme des Garsons on the 10 Corso Como Comme des Garsons, a co-venture store with Rei Kawakuba and with the Samsung group to create the Corso Como in Seoul, a three story space of fashion, art, design and cuisine, which was designed by Kris Ruhs. 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of Galleria Carla Sozzani and as a tribute and celebration Carla Sozzani is now working on a book.

Carla Sozzani is a true visionary in the world of design, fashion, photography and art and despite her notable success, prides herself on remaining in touch and communicating with her audience. Adamant about being interactive with her customers and visitors, Carla has created an online journal for 10 Corso Como, where she personally writes every Sunday, http://10corsocomo-thejournal.com/.
                “When I started 10 Corso Como in 1991, I wanted direct contact with visitors and customers to share my thoughts with them on art, photographer, fashion and design in this single space. Now I have another single space, this page, to share with you, my Sunday afternoon.” – Carla Sozzani.

The Sozzani name holds to it the upmost creative inspiration in the worlds of fashion, art and design and Carla has successfully not only lived up to this reputation, but further developed and enhanced it. She has carved out a unique niche for herself as she creates and expands her innovative approach to the many realms and facets of art. Carla Sozzani continues to be an iconic inspiration, proving that true integration is the future of artistic creation.

Images: The New York Times, 10 Corso Como

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