12 October 2011


I’ve been a die hard Olivia fan since her first appearance on The City and despite the fact that her and Whitney didn’t exactly, ‘play nice,’ for some reason I loved her form the get go. Her incredible personal style and, ‘it girl,’ persona kept her well on my radar even after the series wrapped up and after much anticipation the fashion icon has finally launched her style blog http://www.oliviapalermo.com/

The blog is packed full of Olivia’s fabulous fashion fuelled adventures around the world, style savvy know how, trend reports, must-know fashion info and tips on what to wear and where to shop, all compiled perfectly amongst the illustrated background. Ms Palermo is the site’s Executive Editor and Creative Director, but in true Olivia form there’s also a permanent staff of five and eleven plus contributors.

Providing a forum to express my fashion inspirations from across the globe, it is my goal to show that style is international.” -Olivia Palermo.

I think this one might become a part of my daily reading list <3 xx 

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