11 October 2011

Model of the Moment

Ruby Jean Wilson is a stand out Australian model making stride after stride in the high fashion world. To be noticed in the exclusive world of fashion is a feat in itself, but to be recognized on an international level, walking in and opening high profile shows like YSL and Louis Vuitton, is an achievement that’s part of a whole different ball game. Ruby Jean’s alabaster skin, thick chopping mane and deep brown eyes are insuring that she’s being noticed for all the right reasons by the game changers of the industry… Her kick-ass personal style isn’t hurting either!

The Secret of Success is Enthusiasm: i-D Magazine
Describe yourself… Happy, loving, humble, ambitious, different. Dreams and ambitions? Nothing specific right now. I want to live comfortably and happily somewhere beautiful. If I could change the world… I’d work for communities in poverty-stricken and war-torn countries teaching children. The last dream I had… I dreamt I had glitter all over me… under my nails, in my hair, in my eyelashes and I couldn’t get it out. Probably because I had glitter all over my face yesterday. Recurring dream or nightmare? I often dream about the places I used to live and people I used to know. What takes you to cloud 9? A new favorite song, really good coffee, absolute silence, fresh berries, shopping sprees, my little sister Flora’s smile.
(Interview i.D Magazine)

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