19 October 2011

The Everyday Photographer...

By now I’m sure you would have heard that the third release of Rag + Bone’s DIY campaign features the lovely Miranda ‘Mrs Bloom,’ Kerr. It appears however that it’s not only the creative mega minds behind the Rag + Bone epicentre that are jumping on board this whole concept of, ‘do it yourself.’
As technology speeds forward at a ridiculously rapid pace, we are presented with the likes of twitter, blogs, facebook, and an excess of other creative outlets, however, no longer are we simply restricted to documenting our lives through words, text and check-in points. Photography is a powerful tool, and with limitless filters, frames and effects at our fingertips, we can now accompany our words with beautiful, inspirational imagery.
The 21st century is the generation of The Everyday Photographer, and if any industry is embracing the movement with open arms it’s fashion! We now know how to work the light, deepen the contrast, add texture and focus out the back ground, we can switch film, add frames and saturate the colour and you bet we’re going to utilize our new set of skills while we capture the most beautiful, creative and exciting shows and events around the world. Fashion and photography have always been two peas in a fabulous pod and their collaboration combined with creative experimentation is resulting in the evolution of a whole new concept that’s giving DYI a fresh new outlook.


  1. These are great photos! So inspiring. I'm so glad we were able to connect on ifb - Great blog!


  2. Oh thank you! I'm glad you found it inspiring...Me too!!
    <3 xx