6 October 2011

Chanel's Bravado

Chanel and McQueen would have to be, without a doubt, my top two design houses, so you can image my insatiable excitement and anticipation as I waited for them both to show in Paris on the same day! First came the iconic Chanel and the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld did not disappoint.

Living up to every expectation imaginable, the scene was set with Lagerfeld’s wondrous underwater extravaganza, which came to life through the elaborate sculptures, all shimmer white, of magical sea life. The models, all 70 of them, channeled their under-water goddess, as they emerged from the glistening white dome lined with translucent bubbles, gliding gracefully through their underwater kingdom. Next to them, from inside a giant clam, the ethereal Florence Welch sang…every bit the enchanting modern day Venus.

Connecting to his magnificent theme, Lagerfeld referenced the serenity of the water and the power of the ocean, through the use of an iridescent, alabaster colour palette, adding depth and dimension with shimmer, sheen and the prevalent and innovative use of pearls. Using fabrics, that he admittedly didn’t even know how to define, Lagerfeld created a mother-of-peal glow to the collection and a lightless to the aesthetic that visibly shone through. The collection adapted, yet another, clever take on modern tailoring, adding ruffled tulle, delicate detailing, the occasional swimsuit and of coarse the elegant, classic Chanel aesthetic and silhouette. The collection was a visual masterpiece, full of intricate wearable pieces, that on closer inspection, as predicted, clearing displayed the craftsmanship, creativity and talent that went into their designs.

Never one to disappoint, Chanel once again transported us to an outer worldly kingdom, where the aesthetic was iridescent and calm, the designs were magnificently creative and you came away lusting to visit the ethereal beauty for just ten more minutes!

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